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War Party Paranormal Founder/Lead Investigator/Tech Specialist

John Aderholt-War Party Paranormal

John Aderholt-War Party Paranormal


John “Zap” Aderholt

My introduction to the paranormal started when I was 5 years old. I saw something I’ll never forget, which was witnessed by my mom and step-dad. I asked about what had happened and what I had seen and was told that it was simply someone who had lost their way. The fear from that experience stayed with me for years and the answer I was given was not enough to satisfy my curiosity. To this day when I share that event with others I still get chills and the hair on my arms and back of my neck stand on end.

Being a law enforcement buff, I began a career in the security industry which then sparked an interest into the paranormal after time and time again seeing things on video that seemed to have no logical explanation. This turned my fear into curiosity.

I joined a paranormal team which allowed me to meet, and learn from, some of the best in the paranormal field. Seeking more answers and knowledge, I joined my 2nd paranormal team where I learned a great deal on client care and residential investigation.

I have always been good at finding my way around anything that is electronic and am good with making electronic repairs or simply taking things apart to see how they work. This made me a good fit as tech manager on both teams. I take a very no non-sense approach to the technical building and testing of paranormal equipment. It is a passion that has served me well and has allowed me to help others.

Team Manager/Lead Investigator

Marla "Scottie" Burns-War Party Paranormal

Marla “Scottie” Burns-War Party Paranormal


Marla “Scottie” Burns

I grew up in a 200-year-old house in Central Pennsylvania that had a lot of paranormal activity. I didn’t understand until I had friends over that it wasn’t normal. I saw my first paranormal team in 1968 when they came from Harrisburg to investigate our home, that is when I realized that there people who were using scientific methods to figure out what was happening.

I started reading everything I could get my hands on about the paranormal, and then I started experimenting with the tools available to me in the 70’s. I helped out a few families and decided there and then that this is something I wanted to do until I figured it out….. Needless to say some forty odd years later, I am still trying.

Marla "Scottie" Burns-War Party Paranormal

Marla “Scottie” Burns-War Party Paranormal

I also had a brother that was four years older than me, and he was constantly trying to scare me, so I had to become pretty good at debunking.

I was accepted to Duke University for the Parapsychology program in the Rhine Center in 1978, but had to decline because my father had passed and was needed closer to home. I spent the next few decades trying to make a living and investigating when I could.

I moved to Florida in 1997 and to West Palm Beach in 2001. I did investigations when I could until I found Florida Ghost Team in 2006, and joined up with them. I was with them investigating almost every weekend until they disbanded. I then was with another team until I teamed up with John from War Party Paranormal.

What a long strange trip it’s been….. Looking forward to another 40 years.

Case Manager/Client Liaison/Lead Investigator

Tim Yancey-War Party Paranormal

Tim Yancey-War Party Paranormal

Tim Yancey is an author, TV personality and real life haunting survivor.

He is probably one of the most recognized and progressive authorities on the subject of violent and demonic hauntings. He is a much sought after public speaker on the topic, and has spoken at Colleges and Universities, paranormal conferences and conventions around the country. He has appeared as himself in ScyFy Channels documentary film, “The Haunted Boy”, and his life story has also been featured on Destination America’s hit TV show, “A Haunting”. Together with his brother Tom, they were both featured by Warner Home Video in a special DVD release of CW networks hit TV series, “Supernatural”. He has been a guest several times on Coast To Coast AM, and interviewed hundreds of times on various media. He has been a paranormal researcher and counselor for over 35 years, and continues to provide advice and counseling to families who are experiencing frightening paranormal phenomenon. He serves as a consultant with several paranormal teams around the country.

Tim is also an active Chaplain within his Church, Unity of the Palm Beaches. He regularly hosts the Sunday Morning Services, and serves as the Service Coordinator. His wife Trish is the Director of Youth and Family Ministry at Unity.

Tim is a veteran broadcaster and TV personality. He is one of the original pioneers of internet broadcasting, beginning with “Portraits of the Paranormal” in 1993. The show eventually became “Encounters”, and was broadcast around the world on satellite, shortwave and AM/FM stations. He developed one of the first live streaming studio camera broadcasts on the internet with Clear Channel station WBZT in West Palm Beach, Florida. He is a news correspondent with “The Autism Channel”, where he discusses the latest breaking information regarding people on the spectrum.

In 2014, New Dominion Pictures and the Discovery Network featured Tim and his brother Tom in the hit TV series, “A Haunting”. The documentary-style television series dramatically recreated the events of their childhood in an episode entitled, “The shadow man”. It told their terrifying true story of not only growing up in a haunted home, but also a home with severe domestic abuse.


A HAUNTING: THE SHADOWMAN (2014) March 6, 2015
Phenomenology 107: June 18th – 21st in York, Pennsylvania March 6, 2015
The Five Come Alive! Bringing Unity’s Five Principles to life for “Kids” of All Ages March 6, 2015


Lead Investigator

Bobby Bolk-War Party Paranormal

Bobby Bolk-War Party Paranormal


Bobby Bolk

I am currently with War Party Paranormal located in West Palm Beach Florida.

In the past I have been on 2 other Paranormal Teams, but wish to move toward other goals; working in unison with other Teams to gather various methods of investigation technique, and fresh venus to investigate, allowing me to broaden my horizons in this field at will.
I have been active in the field since 2007, and continue to learn, as each day is a new experience for me.

I started my interests in the unknown at a very early age of 5 when I realized I could see colors (Auras) around people. When I questioned my friends they would say they couldn’t see anything. So at that age and years to follow, I had nothing to compare my experiences to and basically ignored them, until I was a little older; around the age of 17. I had seen a close family member after they had passed away. Since then I had also learned that I am from at least 3 generations of clairvoyant family members.

I was raised in the Catholic church having received my sacraments and attending all required teachings, including serving as an Altar Boy for St Francis Of Assisi Church in Quantico, Virginia for many years. As I approached High School graduation, there were a series of events which took place of a personal nature of which I will not go into detail. These events were of a Paranormal nature, and required special attention from a Roman Catholic Priest. Later I had found out that my residence was built on a Civil War battlefield, and was directly on a well documented camp site where many soldiers had died during a terrible winter during the war. Having grown up in Old Virginia, through out my life, I continued to encounter many other instances of similar events.

Later when moving to South Florida, I had met a person who would become my best friend. It wasn’t until after he passed away that I had become active in the field of the Paranormal, taking every class I could, reading several books , and most importantly, networking with people who had been in the field for years. It was then that I realized the events of my previous life were meaningful. I wanted to explore more of this gray area that most people are afraid to even talk about.

Since then, I have grown in the field, met many wonderful and knowledgeable people.

Co-founder/Lead Investigator/Researcher

Mary Simmons-War Party Paranormal

Mary Simmons-War Party Paranormal

Mary Simmons

I was born in New Jersey but raised in Iowa. I’ve been around “ghosts” my entire life.  It was just a part of our life and it was accepted.  My Mother is what we always called a “Ghost Magnet.”  If they were around, they would show her they were there; visually, orbs, bangs, voices, smells, you name it.  I never really questioned why they were there or what they wanted, I just knew they “were”.

About 7 years ago I was introduced to the “why” of it all and really began to wonder. I have met many different people with many different views.  The technical aspect of it peaked my interest and seems to show “proof” of a feeling or a glimpse of what may be in the shadows that you always felt was there.

Lead Investigator/Historian

Ange Rymer-War Party Paranormal

Ange Rymer-War Party Paranormal

Ange Rymer

I am from central Pennsylvania and have always had an interest in historical research. For many years I professionally ran title to find ownership of properties and land. I also love researching genealogy in my free time.

My family has always been interested in the paranormal so it almost seems normal to me.

Outside of that I also am a group fitness instructor and love Zumba! You might catch me practicing at any given moment. I am excited to part of such an amazing and experienced team of paranormal researchers.



Michelle Bauer-War Party Paranormal

Michelle Bauer-War Party Paranormal

Michelle Bauer

Originally from Maryland I grew up on ghost stories and my mom’s tales of her own personal experiences with the paranormal. In my early teens things started happening to me. It started off small but over time grew in intensity. I lived in fear for several years and sometimes felt alone, as I thought that there was no one that could help or understand what I was going through. Even to this day It sometimes feels like an ongoing battle to keep things at bay.

Despite all that, my passion for the paranormal burns bright. My desire and goal is to be able help individuals and their families understand what they’re going through and assist and empower them to take their lives back.

Given this I joined my first team in 2008. I spent three years on that team and learned a lot, but unfortunately as a mom of 5 I had to step back for a while and focus on the family. I’m happy now to be back in the flow of things with a wonderful group of people who have the mind-set as myself. I’m Looking forward to the future and all the positive work that will be done.


War Party Paranormal

Vickie Petchner-War Party Paranormal

Vickie Petchner

Originally from Maine, I grew up with a family where all of the women have some version of sensitivity and I have had experiences since I was a child.

I have lived in South Florida since 1972 and Palm Beach County since 1976. I have had a strong love of the paranormal but approach it from a scientific stand point. 
Looking at the paranormal with scientific and spiritual eyes has given me the best possible means for a no-nonsense investigatory manner.
Theresa Sagas-War Party Paranormal

Theresa Sagas-War Party Paranormal

Theresa Sagas

Originally from Michigan, I moved to Florida in 2008. I grew up in a 100-year-old Farm house until I was 10.  For as long as I can remember we had a lot of activity. I thought this was a normal environment, that was until had my first slumber party and activity started. All the girls screamed and went home! When I was 10 we moved out of the home due to a lot of negative energy in the house.

Since then I have always had what they call that 6th sense. I could tell when we pulled up to a home whether it had spiritual activity. I also have had experiences in every home I have lived in since leaving my childhood home.
When I moved to Florida , I began going on Paranormal Investigations and joined Florida Ghost Team.  I Managed FGT for approximately 2 years until it changed direction. I then continued to help other families with paranormal problems. I recently had the privilege of joining War Party Paranormal as an Investigator. My Passion is to help families find peace and comfort in living in their own home. I’m a skeptic and true believer. I will use every ability or device to find out the truth and am honored to become part of a team that has the same goals.